36th Virginia Infantry

The 36th Virginia Infantry was organized in the western counties of Virginia, now known as West Virginia. On May 13, 1861 this unit was known as the 2nd Kanawha Infantry Regiment, and on July 8, 1861 was accepted into Confederate State service. July 15, 1861 they were designated the 36th Virginia Infantry.

The regiments commanding officer was Colonel John McCausland. He led this regiment until May 19,1864 when he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and transferred to the cavalry, which he commanded to the end of the war. From May 1864 to the end of the war this regiment was then commanded by Colonel William E. Fife.
Like almost all civil war regiments, the 36th Virginia Infantry was often known by alternate designations (such as those to the right) derived from the names of their commanding officers, such as Lt. Jackson Via. Unofficially these names were used to identify the regiment.

  •  Colonel McCausland’s Infantry
  •  Benjamin Linkous Infantry
  •  Colonel Smith’s Infantry
  •  Christopher Roles Infantry
  •  Colonel Fife’s Infantry
  •  Peter Morgan’s Infantry
  •  James McSherry’s Infantry
  •  Henry Grosscloss’s Infantry
  •  Francis Thornton’s Infantry
  •  Jackson Via’s Infantry

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