Elmira 2018 Tour


– Civil War Tour –

Elmira New York in the Civil War

JULY 14, 2018


Join us for a Special ETT Tour of the Wartime City of Elmira, NY


During 1861 – 1862

Elmira, NY was used as a variety of purposes for military use. Initially Elmira was a place where union troops from NY State were sent to, once individual companies were organized, into regiments, regiments were officially numbered and presented a flag, and often sent to Elmira for the final assembling of their regiments, they were also drilled, trained, equipped; then sent to the war front such as Virginia.

From 1862 thru early 1864

the role of Elmira shifted from a Organizing and training area, to a supply depot.

If you look at City of Elmira on the map, you will find that Elmira was a central hub for transportation. The Use of the Railroads and nearby canals, Elmira was a ideal central location to stockpile supplies for the Union army.


As the war continued, the role of the military aspects for the city of Elmira, also changed. In the spring of 1864, authorization was given to build a stockade to house Confederate Prisoners of War. So in July 1864, the first Confederate prisoners will arrive. Soon they would arrive in great numbers, which would swell the confinement area made for 500 men to 5000 men,

By the fall of 1864, the overcrowding and conditions would unbearable and the numbers of Confederate prisoners deaths became increasingly higher as well, due to disease and poor living conditions. The prisons numbers expanded over 12,000. By the winter of 1865, the death rate was nearly 25%

As the war was coming to an end, the prison was still operating, thru the early summer of 1865 as rebel prisoners were being paroled and sent home, many of the very sick were left behind in the prisons hospital. The last Confederate prisoners to leave were in August 1865, when the last official death occurred. Leaving behind over 3,000 Confederate dead.

Shortly after, in the fall of 1865, the prison site was quickly torn down, many of the wooden structures of the prisons buildings, guard & prison barracks were stored in nearby barns.

Today only a few things remain from the civil war era. The Original prison site still exist, and virtually unchanged over the past 150 years, and a number of other sites can still be seen, Such as the final burial site for over 3000 Confederate veterans at the Woodlawn National Cemetery.


Our tour on July 14, 2018

Our day trip will leave Buffalo in the early morning hours. We will be  entertained by our civil war historian guides, as we travel to the City of Elmira. Upon our arrival, we will visit many of the still existing  civil war sites, showing many of the training areas, supply depot, and various sites regarding the Confederate prison. Lastly we will visit the final stop for many of the Confederate prisoners, we will visit the Confederate section of the Woodlawn National Cemetery.

Our Civil War tour will include:

  • Motor Coach transportation

  • Rest Stops

  • Lunch (on your own) at Wegman’s food court

  • Dinner at the Big Tree Inn in Geneseo, NY

  • 2 of our local Civil War historians as our Guides

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  • A deposit of $30.00 is needed to save your seat for our trip (non-refundable)

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So come join us for a great educational experience on

July 14th, 2018


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