We ask that all bookings for a programs, tours & presentations – need to be booked well in advance; minimum of 30 days for school programs & tours

Please give our director as much advance notice as possible to provide the best possible dates / times for your schedule visit, tour or school program – this would be most helpful


  • ETT has reasonable rates with discounts for Schools for educational programs, special programming, and special pricing for Fund Raising
  • Deposits are required for most programs / tours
  • Payments must be paid in full before the date of the: program, event or tour.
  • Payments can be made by Credit card:
  • We can take payment by creditcard at the Learning Center
  • which can take either your Credit or Debit card.
  • We accept checks: A charge of $30.00 will be added for bounced checks
  • Please Make all Checks out to: “Echoes Through Time”
  • Donations are always welcome

Short notice programs

  • On short notice, ETT maybe able to accommodate you on a first come first served basis, when there is an opening.
  • Our ETT staff will do our best to accommodate you and your organizations, school or event the best we can


  • Deposit is required, to reserve date(s) or seating for any services provided by ETT
  • Deposit needs to be sent to ETT, before program, presentation or tour; as to reserve scheduling and space for tours or programming unless other arrangements are made by Directors of ETT


  • Cancellations for tours need to be need to be made, at leased 2 week prior to tours
  • Cancellations that fail to contact us prior to the scheduled activity
  • will be subjected to loose their deposit made for that activity, program or tour.
  • Refunds will only be issued only if ETT, cancels: programs,
  • presentations or tours; emergency, weather, lack of booking upon a scheduled tour
  • Refunds for tours cancelled, before the two week deadline or prior to;
  • maybe subjected to loss of deposit, depending on tour or programming.


  • A written contract will be presented to all customers, businesses, individuals or institutions before services are rendered.

“Echoes through Time” reserves the right to not provide any service to any customer, institution or business, event, city/township or individual, if ETT deems necessary, under any reason. However, “Echoes Through Time”, does not discriminate because of sex, race, creed or color or religious beliefs.


All tours will need a DEPOSIT, to reserve a seat on the Motor Coach Tour Bus, and will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

All Deposits only RESERVE an placement / seat – on the motor coach. Your placement / seat will be confirmed once full payment is received, and before the 30 day , due by date.

All tours once booked, will have to be PAID IN FULL, 30 days prior to tour

ETT Reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather, not able to enough seats for transportation or  any other unforeseen situation.

All trips can be paid by Credit / Debit card, cash or by personal check.

Any return checks, will be charged an extra $30.00 inconvenience fee for a bounced check


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Echoes Through Time shared Andersonville National Historic Site's post.

A Glimpse into Andersonville’s Archives

Chartered in 1883, the Women’s Relief Corps (WRC) served as an auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic. In 1896 they obtained the land that was once the location of the infamous Andersonville Prison, and right away started making improvements to the run-down condition that they received it in.

One of their first projects was constructing a cottage on site for families visiting Andersonville National Cemetery to use. This nine room, brick cottage sat on a piece of newly acquired land that the WRC purchased as an expansion to their preservation effort. Their ultimate goal: to memorialize the prison site. Efforts to create a memorial to the Civil War prisoners who suffered and died in the prison included a memorial rose garden, memorial orchard of pecan trees, and a road surrounding the historic prison site for visitors to use to explore.

By 1910, the grounds became almost too expensive for the WRC to maintain. It was then that the U.S. Government agreed to a land transfer. A WRC monument was erected at Andersonville in 1911 to honor the efforts of the women managing the site, followed by a monument to one of their founding members, Lizabeth Turner. While the government owned the land, however, the WRC still managed some aspects of it until the 1950s.

The WRC medal handed out to its members was in the shape of a Maltese cross. Some with red, white, and blue ribbons, others (like the one pictured) have the red, white, and blue stripes incorporated into the medal. “F.L.C” is engraved in each one to remind members of the Corps’ founding motto: Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty.

This metal, along with other items in our collections, will be on display in the National Prisoner of War Museum later this year. (JH)(NPS Photo)