Our Mission

The Echoes Through Time Learning Center & Civil War Museum is dedicated to the Preservation of our American Heritage & Historical sites.



We are dedicated in:

  • the promoting & preserving of our ever endangered historical sites & battlefields

  • the interpreting, demonstrating & promoting of our American history through a variety of; historical & educational programs; talks & discussions

  • to help those who are interested in understanding the various: topics, events and histories pertaining to the Civil War era.

  • the researching, documenting histories; especially of our Civil War ancestors who served on either side of the conflict.

  • Using our Learning Centers resources; through our research, reference library, collections, exhibits or staff to help promote & preserve our historical interest for future generations

This is our pledge of our

Echoes Through Time Learning Center & Staff

Echoes Through Time

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Did you know ….Part 10…In 1892, Clara Barton shared a poem she had written about women during the Civil War when she spoke at a meeting of the National Woman’s Relief Corps. She paid tribute to the women who came alongside the soldiers and surgeons in a traditional and non-traditional…