Civil War movies / DVD’s

As we mentioned, we have a good selection of Military DVD’s – primarily on the Civil War era (since we are a civil war museum).

You will find a number of old westerns of John Wayne, and the oldie but goodie…”the Horse Soldiers”, to a 20 something year old movies like “Glory” and “Gettysburg”.

We have several movie series sets as well as documentary sets / series like those found on the History Channel.

We even have a few relic VHS movies kicking around looking for a home….if anyone is a collector….we just hate to throw away good movies

Echoes Through Time

3 days 10 hours ago

Did you know ….Part 9…In 1892, Clara Barton shared a poem she had written about women during the Civil War when she spoke at a meeting of the National Woman’s Relief Corps. She paid tribute to the women who came alongside the soldiers and surgeons in a traditional and non-traditional…