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We are very proud of our collection. We have a assortment of several unique and one of a kind items seldom seen.

We have a wide variety of: weapons, equipment and uniforms that are on exhibit will help our visitors understand the time period better and explain many of the hardships the soldiers of both sides faced, with the technology that was used in the period of history.


One of the items which can be seen a model 1859 McClellan Saddle, which was used by a cavalry troops in the 9th NY Cavalry. When  visit ETT and seen this saddle, you will see it in its original appearance, light color tree (natural cow hide), with black fenders and accessories, in its late war appearance.

9th NY Cavalry Saddle


Many of the items in our collection we use in our educational programs, talks & tours



Echoes Through Time

12 hours 49 minutes ago

Did you know ... With some exceptions, President Abraham Lincoln's 10% Plan offered to any Confederate who would take an oath to support the Union a "full Pardon" and restoration of property "except as to slaves." Furthermore, the plan provided that in any occupied southern State when a number equal…