New York Confederate Veterans

There are several thousand Confederate Veterans buried throughout New York State.  Quite a number died during the War Between the States in Northern prisons such as Elmira, Ft. Columbus, etc. There is a Cemetery called Cypress Hills National Cemetery, in New York City, which holds a great number of Confederate soldiers, who died in various Federal prisons all around the NY City area.Others were former Confederate Veterans, which many who sought out work up north in the big cities or a married a New York girl as decided to live up here, or a hundred other reasons, including that they were originally born or raised up here in New York Sate.

In some cases, the old Veterans lived in the same area or communities as other veterans, or gathered in a newly formed organization for remembrance, called the United Confederate Veterans.  One example is the General Archibald Gracie Camp in New York City, which many of the Confederate Veterans are buried in their own Sections, in selected cemeteries. There are many such cemeteries throughout New York City and surrounding areas, including a place called Hastings on the Hudson, where there is a large Confederate section.

Information on Confederates buried in Western New York can be found HERE.