Classroom Visitors

Are you looking for ideas how to spice up your curriculum ?

Are you looking for that extra spark to help hick start your students interest as you lead up to the Civil War era?

We he have several suggestions for you to think about.

  • 1st – Ask us about our Traveling Trunk
  • 2nd – Ask us about having a Class room Visitor come and visit your class for a program

Classroom Visitors

We have a number of Classroom Visitors available to come to your school to do a program for you and your class.

We can do a number of programs for you, pending on what you would like for us to cover.

We do ask for a fee or a honorarium of sorts to come to your school to do a program. The fee varies for the length of program or the distance we have t travel. We can stay for 1 period of class, one hour, two hours or stay for the day….We work with all our area schools, colleges, churches & institutions throughout WNY.

Usually we ask for set Hourly fee for our programs. a slightly larger fee is asked for those areas outside of our general Buffalo or Springville area, to cover travel charges.

But, If we come to visit your school & classroom. . .

If you are planning for us to visit your school & classroom, and we are doing a program that requires the use of weapons for demonstration

Before we visit; we need to get permission to bring in any type of weapon into the school. This is often over looked, and we need to always ask.

These weapons that we bring in are primarily a Percussion Cap Rifled Musket, a bayonet, an officers Sword or Cavalry Saber.

At times we are asked to do a firing demonstration on-site. This we also need permission for, as well as the school needs to contact the local police department to inform them – safety precaution. (BUT, this is not something we need to do)

  • At times, schools may refuse the use of our weapons into the school place: such as our rifles, or swords, etc… So please ask your administrator for permission

There are some ways we can bring weapons into schools that have strong weapon policies.

  • We have non firing weapons available to show or to demonstrate if necessary.
  • On occasion had to disarm our muskets (taking out the priming cap vent) to assure the school that the weapon cannot be fired – a safety precaution; so that we can bring in a rifle to show on our programs

When we visit your classroom, we bring a variety of items from our collection, such as: Weapons*, uniforms & equipment and various other items like the Musket bullets (Minnie Ball), soldiers personal items, cannonball or fragments, etc…

  • We often will dress a few students up in reproduction uniforms to enhance their experience, which they will always remember. To Touch, feel or wear items such as a uniform gives the student a different appreciation for what the common soldier had to endure everyday.


  • Having us bring these items, demonstrate how these items were used or worn will help your students understand the curriculum that you are studying


Classroom size, age, time of programs

We can do programs for any size class, from a handful to a auditorium.

  • You can make arrangements to have your class visit our Learning Center, for the full experience.
  • Our typical program is approx 1-2 Hours, depending on your time schedule.
  • We can do programs as short as 30-45 mins to several hours, or even several day classes or courses available.

You can bring your school group to us – or we would be happy to come to you…

We do programs from the youngest child (typically 5-7 grade),  to the young adult in high school; to the college student or higher learning, to even to the student teacher

Fees or Cost

How do you put a price on history and education?

Well… To Visit our Echoes Through Time Learning Center is absolutely free

Although we do not charge for admission, we do ask for a small fee per student for the programs which we give, at the Echoes Through Time Learning Center.

This is a minimal fee, our Teachers , educators & bus driver is free.


Our resources are here to help aide our educators in their curriculum