Original & Reproduction Items

If you are a collector or a Civil War reenactor, come see what items we have available at ETT.

We keep several items on hand or we have access to ordering items, with advance notice.

We carry a few Original items available for sale. If you are looking for a item and we don’t have it available, please let us know, we make be able to obtain one for you or tell you where to find it at a reasonable price.

These listed below are what we currently have in stock. contact us for more information

  • Original Civil War bullets
  • Original Civil War era rifled musket, very good condition

These are just a few Reproduction items we have available

  • Reproduction US foot officers sword
  • Reproduction US Light Cavalry saber model 1860
  • Reproduction US blue Kepi
  • Reproduction cooking ware
  • Reproduction wooden lanterns
  • Reproduction eating utensils
  • US & CS Belt Buckles

These are just a few of the many items we have available

If you are looking for clothing of any sort, for men, women or children, either civilian clothing or dresses for the ladies or military uniform of any type, we have one of our staff volunteers who sews professionally (Miss Patricia, of Alden, NY). Miss Pat sews for us, and for many of the reenacting community for over 25 years.