Our Traveling Trunk

The Traveling Civil War History Trunk

We have something very unique for our teachers / educators to try to implement before they start their curriculum studies on the civil war era.

It is called our Traveling Civil War history trunk. This trunk is available for our local educators to use for one week at a time (Monday – Friday).

How it Works

  • 1st  – the teacher schedules a available date(s)

  • 2nd – make arrangements to picks the trunk from our learning center (please make arrangements at leased 30 day before use)

  • 3rd – use the trucks items for 1 week(s) time

  • 4th – return it to our learning center at the end of the week.

  • 5th – send us a picture using our Traveling Trunk


One of the best part of the Traveling Trunk idea for our teachers & educators is that- it is totally FREE. Yes, totally.

What’s so special about our Traveling Trunk?

The Traveling Civil War Trunk program provides reproduction Civil War artifacts, books, music and other various materials for teachers to utilize during their Civil War instruction.  The trunk helps creates interest in our American Civil War and in battlefield preservation by allowing students to have a hands-on experience; with soldier items of the time period.

This trunk has a variety of reproduction items related to the Civil War area; here are a few of the items from the trunk:

  • Kepi

  • Canteen

  • Minnie-ball

  • Haversack

  • Waist Belt

  • Ladies Bonnet

  • Uniform Coat

  • Civil War paper money

  • Assorted other soldier items

  • CD of Civil War period music

Also included are instructions & information on the items in the traveling Civil War Truck. Worksheet, Check off inventory list of items.

All we ask is that you make arrangements to come pick it up. You have use of the Trunk’s items for 1 week. And return it back to our learning center

The end results

We hope by you the educator will have a positive end result watching your students finding that connection of seeing those items being presented, having them hold them, wear them and appreciate history to a point where it sparks an interest.

We hope that you and your school will have us come to your school as a Classroom Visitor or let us arrange a battlefield tour for your class – having us as your battlefield tour guides to take their experience one step further.