Visiting a Battlefield

We often ask our teachers about if they are interested in doing a battlefield tour as a class field trip.

We often do several tours to Gettysburg every year which we give an awesome battlefield tour of the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park.

We do a special program called “Western NY ay Gettysburg” as we visit the sites, memorials & markers of those men & regiments who fought from Western NY, who fought on those 3 days, in July 1863.

Having us along on your trip will make it extra special as we are your guides for the duration. We are your guide service.

You don’t often have the opportunity to visit a battlefield or historical site with a Civil War historian(s) as your guide(s).

We offer to assist you in making the arrangements, or we can make all the arrangements for you.

We are experienced, plus you will have one or two knowledgeable Civil War historians along to not only to be your guide(s), but we will be bringing with us a few items (no firearms),  uniforms, and other items from the museum for some “hands-on” history lesson.

This little show and  will opportunity will help with your students understanding of not only the battle, but with the general history and understanding about the conflict and how it may have been like to be a soldier during the War Between the States.

** As a side note – If your school is in Niagara County, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus or Allegany Counties (chances your school is associated with Boces), We can help write up a proposal for a Coser 403 to help you fund your trip

The opportunity to give a tour and be your guide would be our honor and privilege

Our fee is very reasonable, and cheaper than a National Park Service guide.

The time we tour the battlefield (a few hours or a few days); our historians as your tour guides, will make a world of difference with your students attitude towards history and their understanding what tragically happened on those few days in July 1863 and what a effect it had in our history.

differently something to think about when you are planning your next battlefield trip to Gettysburg