Civil War Art

We are blessed with having a few artist who are very good at their craft

Bob Walker Art

Bob Walker has a fantastic collection of his silver foil etching of various Civil War themed artwork. Dozens of unique one of a kind piece. Each one signed

Bob Hubbard Photography

Bob also has a unique talent, Bob is our resident photographer. He travels with us to most of our events. He enjoys shooting most any type of picture, especially history based.

Bob will have a series of photos available from our 2015 Gettysburg trip. Interested in a photo of any NY marker at Gettysburg ? Let us know. Bob has a nice selection of WNY markers & monuments from Gettysburg available.

Contact Bob Hubbard photography or contact ETT for more information.

(Bob Hubbard is always available for private shoots, family shoots and pet shoots)

Original & Reproduction Items

If you are a collector or a Civil War reenactor, come see what items we have available at ETT.

We keep several items on hand or we have access to ordering items, with advance notice.

We carry a few Original items available for sale. If you are looking for a item and we don’t have it available, please let us know, we make be able to obtain one for you or tell you where to find it at a reasonable price.

These listed below are what we currently have in stock. contact us for more information

  • Original Civil War bullets
  • Original Civil War era rifled musket, very good condition

These are just a few Reproduction items we have available

  • Reproduction US foot officers sword
  • Reproduction US Light Cavalry saber model 1860
  • Reproduction US blue Kepi
  • Reproduction cooking ware
  • Reproduction wooden lanterns
  • Reproduction eating utensils
  • US & CS Belt Buckles

These are just a few of the many items we have available

If you are looking for clothing of any sort, for men, women or children, either civilian clothing or dresses for the ladies or military uniform of any type, we have one of our staff volunteers who sews professionally (Miss Patricia, of Alden, NY). Miss Pat sews for us, and for many of the reenacting community for over 25 years.


General Merchandise

We have a variety of general merchandise available for purchase in our gift shop

Most of our items are all Civil War related.

  • T-Shirts (Civil War theme)

  • Ball Caps (Civil War theme)

  • Children Reproduction Kepi’s

  • Children wooden guns

  • Assorted book markers (Civil War theme)

  • Lapel Pins / Tie Tacs – (Civil War flags)

  • Lapel Pins / Tie Tacs – (US Military)

  • Desktop Civil War Ironclads

  • Assorted Coffee Mugs (Civil War theme)

  • Civil War soldier figurines

  • Soldier Tin cups

  • Children’s Civil War soldier pictures, Tin cups

  • Civil War era Original bullets

  • Civil War reproduction bullets

  • Reproduction Civil War Currency (several different types)

  • Various other Misc items to come take a look at

WW 2 Books

Some of our popular modern war titles are on the Second World War.

These WW2 titles are on various battles, biographies and personalities among other interest, including the US Army Air Corps

Again these books are priced reasonable to move for all who are interested

American Revolution books

We have a number of books regarding the American Revolution.

Although we are a Civil War museum we have a number titles regarding other military periods.

ETT has a small number of titles of this time period available.

We would be happy to find a new home for these books for those who are interested….These books are priced to move….

Check it out


Military History Books

Our ETT Learning Center has a wide selection of Military books for purchase. The greater majority of th publications are dealing with the Civil War era, several other eras are available at times of the year including the American Revolution, through the Second World War.

Our Military books range all ages from young adults to scholars….from popular magazines (Civil War titles), to Civil War favorite reading, to book sets. Biographies to historic battles.

We carry new titles of recently published books to used and rare books

All our military books are reasonable priced, mostly under market value

Interested in a particular book or title, let us know….. Curator [at] EchoesThroughTime [dot] com