CW Preservation

Civil War Preservation is one of

Echoes Through Time’s

Chief Concerns…

Did you know….We loose as a nation, historical sites and battlefields everyday !

Hundreds of Acres are destroyed every day, due to: development & urban sprawl…. The constant fight to repel: New housing developments, Condo’s, Casino’s and new roadways is shrinking communities where history took place. A prime example is the Battlefields such as Fredericksburg, VA where four major Civil war battles took place, is virtually surrounded by the combination of urban sprawl, Condo’s and expanding roadways.

Condominiums are on the very edge of the battlefield boundaries,  new housing developments encircle these hollowed grounds, and the main roadway thoroughfares passing through Fredericksburg to Chancellorsville and Spotsylvania had to be widen because of the heavy traffic in those communities. Washington DC is consuming Northern Virginia at an alarming rate, as we lose precious lands that will never be able to be replaced without your help…..

Take notice America……

                   This is Our History !

                               Our Past and Future …..!

They Need Our Help !!

Our ETT Learning Center – is a proud supporter of the Civil War Trust, the leading preservation group dedicated to Preserving our Civil War sites / battlefields

Another local Preservation group, that is out trying to preserve a historic Civil War building in Little Valley, NY (Cattaraugus County, NY) – is C.A.M.P (Citizens Advocate Memorial Preservation)

PLEASE Check out both of these Preservation Groups listed below