Who We Are

We are the Echoes through Time Learning Center & Civil War Museum or ETT for short.

We are a special type of Educational “hands on” Civil War museum.

Our Learning Center is involved in a variety of educational studies; programs; demonstrations and interpreting.

We are a place for: learning, research & history… But our Learning Center is not your traditional museum type of setting.

We are Certified as a Civil War Museum, Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents


we are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3

Non-Profit organization

We are the ONLY civil war museum in Western NY & the ONLY museum in New York State, totally dedicated to the history of the American civil war era.


UB Student Teachers

 A school presentation at our former location – at the Eastern Hills Mall, Williamsville, NY

 ETT help brings to life, those stories in history and those text book tactics that you only read about…



For you our visitor & guest, you will experience history in a way it is seldom experienced; in a type of museum or classroom setting, but in a more interesting & fun kinda way.

We try to give our visitors & guest a unique educational experience. your experience will starts off with our knowledgeable staff of Volunteers.

  • Our staff of: Living Historians, educators & interns, are what makes us successful. They make us who we are, and who help make history “come alive”.

For the Educator, we are that “extra special tool in your Tool Box”

Our exhibit are unique. Covering all the major military services and many of the supporting services. Our privately owned collection of Civil War era relics are often used in our programs. Our staff uses a variety of visual aides and items from our collect to demonstrate & educate. Our staff often show how the items displayed were actually used – and not how it is often seen/ portrayed on TV or in Hollywood movies.

  • ETT has many of the resources available to assist the student as well as the educator
  • Many items on exhibit maybe available to be: held, touched or worn – For example: a reproduction uniform coat