The Directors

Our Learning Center’s Director’s are:

Steve Teeft, (pictured on the left), Thomas Place (pictured on the right)


Steve & Tom share a long friendship of three decades. Both share a devotion to the education and preservation of the Civil War; Buffalo; and Western New York history.

They spent two decades as Civil War reenactors reforming the 36th Virginia Infantry, CSA. They have spent a lifetime of study and research on the turbulent yet interesting period of our nation’s history

Steve enjoys historical research and genealogy. He is also a Professional Motor Coach Tour Bus operator & Guide

Tom enjoys book research and education about the Civil War era. He is also a certified Lay Speaker at his church

Both Steve & Tom give: lectures, presentations & demonstrations; and are heavily involved in saving our nations Civil War historical sites.

All of us here at Echoes Through Time, pride ourselves on giving back to the community, the history and the knowledge of the Civil War era. The Learning Center could not exist without it’s volunteers – which truly makes it “One for all and All for one !”