Our Volunteers

Our Volunteer Staff includes a number of dedicated volunteers who make up our Learning Center’s staff: Educators; Living Historians, Reenactor’s; historians, history buffs & interns

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, professions and have a variety of talents, skills & interest.

We are honored & proud to have our volunteers and always try to acknowledge them because without our volunteers staff we have no Learning Center, because our volunteers are the heart & soul of our operation.


Our Educator’s

Our Educator’s are usually those volunteer staff who do a variety educational programs, demonstrations, talks, discussions, etc…

We have several Educator’s who do our main programs, talks & demonstrations…

(More info to be added soon)


Our Living Historians

Many of our staff are Living Historians. Living Historians are a special unique breed of educator or presenter – who help bring HISTORY to LIFE…

Many of our staff are involved in Civil War Reenacting. So many of them are very well verse in the Civil War experience.

Several of our other staff members, are very good at bringing history to life, as they wear the very same type of uniforms and period dress as those from the Civil War era.

When we use our Living Historians, and they do our programs in period dress, this adds the needed atmosphere to add to the experience that brings that part of history alive.

This experience helps our groups to focus on the program that is being given


Our Seamstress

  • Miss Patricia Lemke – Miss Pat and the Politician Sutlery

If anyone is interested in a Civil War uniform or a lady’s dress – please contact us. Miss Patricia sews one of the very Best quality – she is highly recommended



We have several researchers who assist in doing Historical Research / Genealogy.

We have a knowledgeable staff to handle basic and detailed information.

Our Director & Curator are very knowledgeable in assisting most request.

We have several Research tools available at the Learning Center: A large research library of well over 1200 + reference books available covering all types of topics, battles and biography’s.

We have a lot of computer resources as well, to assist us in locating information. We are well verse in seeking out particular information, to assist you in your quest for answers to your genealogy questions.

We are very good in doing Civil War Soldier research…..


Our other Valuable & Helpful Volunteers

Without our Volunteers, there is no us……We have a small dedicated staff, who are fantastic….But we can always us a little more EXTRA help.

If you are interested in Volunteering at ETT, please contact us…..We can use the extra help.

Experience is not necessary, or the need to be a Civil War Historian…..Any assistance would be helpful.

If you enjoy history, and have some people skills, or interested in help us in doing research, building new exhibits, like to talk to others about history, or have interest in demonstrating….We can use you !

Come on down, and join our staff !

Don’t feel that you are obligated or to have a long term-commitment.

We just ask for you to help us, at leased once a month. We would enjoy having our volunteers come down to assist us as much as you are willing to volunteer your time.

Our main hours of operation are the Weekends (12-6 pm)

Once we train and groom our volunteer staff, we would like to be open more often….especially during the week, especially during the spring & summer.

Please Contact the director or the Curator for more information

Thanks !


Our Interns

We often have Interns who ask us, if they can learn some skills from ETT. Just ask, we would be happy to accommodate. We often share Interns with the Concord Historical Society, and the town Historian – who we work closely with.

We also use High School Seniors. The HS seniors often need to do so many hours of community service. We are happy to assist those students, and have them assist us in some of our daily routines.

Thank You to all our volunteers – you all make our Echoes Through Time Learning Center extra special with your assistance.