Interested in Volunteering ?

Are you interested in Civil War History?


Have you ever had the interest in volunteering at a museum?

Well here is your chance. . . .


The Echoes Through Time Learning Center is looking for you !

We are always looking for those interested people types – to come join our staff of volunteers !


What we are looking for?

  • Those who are interested – to volunteer their time, skills or knowledge
  • To come volunteer for a shift on any given weekend of your choice
  • A shift on a Saturday is 4 to 5 hours
  • A shift on on Sunday is the mall hours – 12 noon until 5 pm
  • Volunteer as often or as little as you like
  • We ask as little as once (1), per month or as much as you can commit to
  • You don’t have to be a scholar in Civil War history
  • Or know a lot of details, or rocket science or brain surgery
  • Great for Civil War Buffs, Scouts, educators & retiree’s

What will be helpful (but not necessary)

  •  Basic knowledge of the Civil War
  • If you have a love for history & preservation
  • Enjoy talking with others about history (especially Civil War History)
  • If you have any museum or teaching skills
  • If you have the time to help others understand the Time Period

What you can expect

  • Fun & satisfaction of being able to talk history with others
  • Help us & our community in promote our nations proud history and sharing your knowledge
  • Learning new skills & meeting new people with similar interest

What we can provide

  • Useful skill
  • Training
  • Give you some behind scene, insight of our collection
  • Give you some added knowledge on Civil War history
  • Access to our Reference Library
  •  Opportunity to talk with others interested in the Civil War
  • Opportunities to join us at other functions, such as Cemetery tours, battlefield tours & living histories

Does the above sound interesting ??

Are you Interested in joining our staff?


Please contact our Curator – Thomas Place for more information, times and training. . . .

Thomas Place –

Curator [at] EchoesThroughTime [dot] com

716/ 957-2740