Teacher Resources


We have a variety of teacher

resources available

at our

Echoes Through Time Learning Center


Our Learning Center is the ONLY

Civil War Learning Center/ Museum


Western New York !


Some of our Teacher resources available:

Our Learning Center

We have one of the largest privately owned collections of the Civil war era, used for educational purposes in Western NY

We have a wide variety of weapons, uniforms & equipment

  • Many items in our collection are used in our presentations
  • Many of our displayed items are very unique covering all the major military services and many of the supporting services

Many items within the exhibit are able to be touched: Uniforms, equipment or displayed items not under glass – to touch history!

  • At no time, are the weapons such as: swords, firearms, knives or bayonets to be handled or held in anyway by students under the age of 18 yrs – this is a safety precaution
  • We do have non-firing firearms available for students to handle if permission is given.We often use wooden cutouts of rifles to help demonstrate soldiering with the students


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If you are planning to visit us:

If you are planning a visit our Learning Center, these are some benefits

  • We can accommodate any size group from a small handful to about 150 in front of our Learning Center
  • We can accommodate larger groups if needed, providing that we make prior arrangements with the mall to hold larger programs in the food court or open mall areas.
  • We ask for at leased 3 weeks notice for a program or tours
  • Your class will get a chance to tour our Learning Center’s exhibits & collections
  • We can do most any type of Civil War program (many to choose from); where we use many of our items in the collect to demonstrate or show; a type of visual aide to help your students understand the program presented
  • Wide range of weapons, uniforms & equipment to see
  • Enjoy our uniformed staff to do your educational program

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Our Reference Library

  • We have one of the largest, privately own libraries regarding Civil War history in WNY
  • Our libraries collection has many works regarding battles & leaders, biographies, weapons, and reference material
  • 2000 + book collection including many rare books





Our resources are here to help aide our educators in their curriculum


Books available

  • We have a variety of books available to suite any age including children’s activity books & coloring books