Buffalo’s Militia Units

Buffalo, New York’s Militia Units

during the Civil War

During the Civil War, Buffalo had 2 militia units which protected the city. They were the 65th NY & the 74th NY Militia’s.

Both of these units served as both local defense for the City of Buffalo and the defense of New York State and for the defense of the Union and the United States.

Many of the men who served in the 65th & 74th NY Militia have left the militia to serve in the 21st NY & 48th NY Infantries and the 1st NY Light Artillery between 1861 thru 1863.

During the Civil War, both the 65th NY & 74th NY Militia were called into active service of the United States during the Gettysburg Campaign on June 18, 1863.

Both units left Buffalo on June 19th, 1863 and were sent to protect & guard railroad bridges & crossings in and around the Harrisburg, PA region. They took part in a skirmish near Clear Spring, Md., July 10, 1863.

Following the Gettysburg Campaign, the 65th & 74th NY militia were sent to New York City to help put down the draft riots in July 1863, before both units returned back to Buffalo and were mustered out of Service on July 30, 1863.

Following July 1863 many of the men of the 65th NY Militia had joined the 187th NY Infantry.

The 74th NY returned to active service on November 16, 1863 and served for another 30 days mustering out on December 16, 1863.

The remained of the Civil War the 74th NY Militia guarded & protected the City of Buffalo. That concluded the active service during the Civil War years.