At Echoes Through Time, we have a number of useful resources available to aide researchers who are seeking information regarding the Civil War era.

For the Researcher:  If you like researching civil war history or doing historical research or just enjoy doing genealogy. Check out our Reference Library. We work hand in hand with the Lucy Bensley Center and their staff. There you will find the home of the Concord Historical Society records and the Concord Genealogy reference works

For the Student: If you are looking for information an a term paper or researching a battle, a battlefield commander or need information on a topic…Come check us out….

For our Educators & Teachers: We have resources for you too….Not only do you have a great research library & a museum collection, but you have at your access Classroom visitors available, programs, battlefield tours guides, and a traveling trunk to help spark your students interest.

Historians & history buffs: For the dedicated historians to the avid history buff, you will find our museums collections both interesting and intriguing. Having historical items that you can actually see and perhaps touch  is amazing. But to have a staff of our Living Historians available to talk to you, and show you how items were actually used makes the visit worth the visit.

A visit to ETT is great for field trips, family visits or a nice place to stop on by on your way down on a tour of Gettysburg, etc…

Great for all ages and interest